This Cute Little Pope Turtle Wishes Luck to All Tarnished

Let's learn something new about the Lands Between!

April 19, 2022

Have you met the Pope Turtle in Elden Ring so far? Hopefully, we managed to find a tiny and cute version of pope in real life!

It’s been nearly two months since the launch of Elden Ring and the game is still a huge trend on the interent and social media. Player love roaming around the Lands Between and exploring this mysterious, rich world. At the every corner of this universe, there is a story to hear and an activity to do.

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Aside from the main questline, the world of Elden Ring is full of side quests and NPCs whose presence give lots of good vibes to the haunting and dangerous atmosphere of the game.


Pope Turtle is defienitely one of the most friendly NPCs in Elden Ring that you will love talking to. He knows a lot about the Lands Between and he is ready to share his knowledge with you. But, if you wish you could see Pope Turtle in real life, your dream has almost come true!

This Cute Pet Cosplay for Pope Turtle of Elden Ring is Ready to Teach You More About The Lands Between

This cute little turtle looks exactly like a tiny but real-world version of the Pope Turtle, especially with that crown on its head.

Posted by aLittleCumbersome on Reddit, Elden Ring fans loved this tiny Pope Turtle cosplay so much that is now one of the most upvoted posts of the game’s subreddit!

Unfortunately, we can’t understand this beauty’s language and cannot have a share of its knowledge, but we do know that the little Pope Turtle wishes good luck to all Tarnished!

Elden Ring is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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