This Driver: San Francisco Trailer Has More Story Than All of Fast Five

By Danl Haas

April 30, 2011

Hey weekend gang, we’ve got a pretty smangin’ new trailer here to start off your Saturday. It’s for Ubi’s upcoming Driver: San Francisco, which evidently has some kind of weird 70’s buddy-cop vibe running through it. That was definitely news to me. The video shows off the main character and his token black partner, as well as some maybe-villain female counterpart we can assume will be a past / current / future love interest of some kind. The tone of the whole thing strikes me as odd, though; so much of it screams 70’s popcorn flick, but the people our heroes are tracking down appear to be truly horrifying people. They don’t come out and say it anywhere, but I’m pretty sure this criminal who’s escaping is probably into some nasty stuff. Human trafficking, maybe. That half of the trailer seems very Dark Knight.

Anyway, it’s after the jump, so see for yourself. The game should be hitting store shelves on August 30th, 2011.

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