This EVE Online Video is Absolutely Hilarious (And a Little Scary)

on July 19, 2015 3:35 PM

If you played MMORPGs in the past, and engaged in guild activities, especially of the raiding sort, you’re very possibly familiar with people losing it and delivering one “F-Bomb” after the other. Some of those outbursts, real or staged, have even become memes, like the famous Onixia Wipe on World of Warcraft.

Last year, EVE Online developer CCP Games released a promotional video titled “This is EVE.” It was quite awesome, even if the players speaking in it sounded rather professional and subdued compared to the experience many might have.

Recently, YouTube user John Drees released another video, based on the same footage, but with more… spicy audio content. You can check it out below, and decide if you’re amused, scared, or a mix of both.

In my experience, having played the game for a while in its heyday, it’s more or less a mix of the two videos. There are definitely people that take it very seriously and act like “professionals” most of the time like in CCP’s clip, and there are others that take it very seriously in another way, and flip out in an absolutely spectacular way like in the new video.

Warning: lower your speakers’ volume before watching. Very strong language and screaming is included.

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