This Mind Boggling Gaming PC Will Give You Ultimate Power For Less than $12,500 With No Frills

This Mind Boggling Gaming PC Will Give You Ultimate Power For Less than $12,500 With No Frills

Yesterday we reported about the YOYOTech XDNA Aurum 24K, a new gaming PC that provides considerable power at the mind boggling price of $13,000, but many of our readers rightfully commented that the price derived a lot from custom frills and less from actual hardware power.

If you prefer raw power to frills there’s an alternative, and it’ll actually cost you less. The Digital Storm Aventum II can provide what can be easily defined “ultimate power” (at least for now) for $12,440 and basically no frills.

To really get the “ultimate power” solution we removed the frills like case lighting (who needs the pretty lights when the prettiest thing is on your screen anyway?) and added the best motherboard, the best 32 GB of memory available and a massive four Geforce GTX Titan video cards, topped by a fiery i7 Extreme Edition 4960X overclocked between 4.5 and 4.8 Ghz. You can see the configuration at the bottom of this post, together with a picture gallery directly from Digital Storm.

If you’re one of those that are skeptical about Nvidia’s Titan cards, you can save a fair bit of money by replacing the four Titans with four superclocked EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti, that will still guarantee enormous power at under $11,000 ($10,976 to be precise).

Want to spend less than $10,000? The default COPPER: Level 4 configuration has a slightly worse motherboard, the RAM is “only” 1866MHz, while the graphics power is overed by “just” three GeForce GTX 780 Ti 3GB, but your wallet will take a $9,861 hit.

While this kind of PC will pretty much always be limited to a small niche of enthusiast users with a lot of disposable income, it’s hard not to dream about playing our favorite games on something like this, maybe on one of the newest 4K monitors.

I guess it’s time to ask Yaris a raise…