This Is How Penny Arcade Does Zelda

This Is How Penny Arcade Does Zelda

You’re reading a news post on one of hundreds of gaming sites on the web, so you must be able to imagine how this feels: Pretend you’re minding your own business, plugging away at a project you absolutely love but holds little financial value. You earn enough to get by and you’re not starving or anything, but you’re not raking in a six-figure salary. Then, one day, you get approached by Nintendo to work on something related to one of its biggest franchises.

Well, that’s what happened to Mike Krahulik, better known as Gabe, of Penny Arcade. He was contacted by The Big N to work on a comic project related to the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. And I say that you may be able to imagine that feeling because of the address in your browser at the current moment. We know what we’re doing here at DualShockers, but we’re not the biggest fish in the pixelated pond. We’re not IGN. Nor are we Game Informer, Edge Magazine or Kotaku.

And if you’re reading our site, chances are — and I’d estimate the probability to be around 98 percent — that you love games just as much, if not more, than we do. So you can imagine what it would be like to commit yourself to something so fully, even if it means making a few personal sacrifices, to end up with something like this on your plate. I certainly can.

Take a gander at Krahulik’s blog post and the sentiment is definitely shared there.

“We’ve done a lot of these [Penny Arcade] presents projects over the years,” he writes. “I’m very proud of all of them but this is special. This is Zelda. Even as I’m typing this I’m getting a little emotional.”

Krahulik’s work has to be approved by none other than long-time Zelda series director Eiji Aonuma. So the man responsible for some of gaming’s most revered titles is giving his art the thumbs up.

While the new comic’s official site is up and running, currently the only art available is the first frame. It’ll be updated weekly over the next five weeks. You can also check out some previous Penny Arcade Presents projects here.

This is proof that amazing things can happen. Just remember to work hard and be kind.

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