This Mortal Kombat Cosplay Shows Off a Striking Flawless Victory

This Mortal Kombat Cosplay Shows Off a Striking Flawless Victory

Check out this Mortal Kombat cosplay by Florencia Sofen and Larxenne Cosplay.

With the brand new Mortal Kombat movie trailer dropping yesterday, fans of the franchise got to see what’s in store for them when the film gets a full release on April 16. Like you would expect, blood, gore, and decapitation was the highlight of the clip along with characters from the games making an appearance. Surprisingly, I thought it looked rather good while others said it was on the cheesy end of things. Either way, it should make die-hard connoisseurs of Mortal Kombat happy but maybe what could make them happier would be to see some awesome cosplay?

As we celebrate Mortal Kombat‘s blood-soaked trailer, cosplayers Florencia Sofen and Larxenne Cosplay come together to show off their Sonya Blade and Mileena cosplay. Sofen states on her Facebook that Mortal Kombat is her favorite game so jumping into the mind of Sonya isn’t exactly alien to her due to playing the character throughout the series of games. In one of the images, Sonja and Mileena take on a fighting scene together with Mileena going in for the kill using her daggers.

In a separate image, Florencia Sofen portrays Skarlet, known as one of the goriest fighters in the game. Florencia cosplay makes sure to show off Skarlet’s blood-related techniques such as throwing orb-shaped projectiles composed of blood and can even morph herself into a red-liquid state which she can mold into structures. Not forgetting Larxenne’s amazing Jade cosplay in her green skin-tight outfit as she’s about to perform a flip-kick using her staff. Check out the images below to take a closer look at these brilliantly designed outfits. You can also follow Florencia and Larxenne over on Facebook if you’d like to keep up to date with what they’re doing next.

Just as a warning: Jade’s outfit is slightly NSFW so please keep that in mind.

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The Mortal Kombat movie is set for release on April 16 and will be coming to movie theatres, as well as streaming exclusively on HBO Max. To check out some screenshots that were released in January of the Mortal Kombat movie, take a look right here and if you want to know more about the actor, Joe Taslim who plays Mortal Kombat‘s Sub-zero, check out this article where you’ll find everything you need.