This Printable Map for Skyrim Will Make Your Adventures Easier

on November 28, 2011 3:40 PM

Depending on how you feel about exploring, this downloadable/printable map for Skyrim will either be constantly by your side, or glanced at once to stare in amazement and then immediately purged from your browser’s history. If you want to print it out you better clear some wall space; in the current format it’s set up to print in nine pages in a 3×3 format. Or you could just check out the online file with a detailed list of locations.

Either way this will likely be a godsend for people who just HAVE to find every little place. Unless you’re like me and find half the fun is exploring and walking to every location yourself. Regardless you just have to look at all the locations, it’s truly awe-inspiring and makes me realize just how empty my explored map truly is so far.

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