This Skyrim Sword and Dagger Collection Pierces Our Hearts

This Skyrim Sword and Dagger Collection Pierces Our Hearts

Local r/skyrim inhabitants display their level 100 Smithing skills with an exquisite set of Skyrim-themed swords and daggers.

It’s no secret that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has amassed something of a major fanbase over the nearly 10 years since its release. Seeing as it’s attracted the type of audience that would produce nearly 60,000 custom mods on Skyrim Nexus, you might assume that a creative Elder Scrolls fan would also eventually decide to build a real-life Skyrim sword or, alternatively, a whole wheel of moon cheese.

And you’d be correct! Several Reddit users on the popular subreddit r/skyrim have contributed photos of their Skyrim sword and mini-sword creations, all of which evoke the craftsmanship of a Dragonborn who’s spent a lot of time smelting ore and welding iron daggers.

The Skyrim Sword and Dagger Collection

First off is Reddit user Fizheyez, whose collection of 3D printed daggers might as well have been forged by Wuuthrad in the fires of the Skyforge itself. Obviously, the 3D printer will have to do in this case, but we won’t deny that’s a nice finish on the replica Daedric dagger.

This is my first go at 3D printing and painting some replicas. from skyrim

Up next is a wooden Daedric sword replica from Reddit user Raidriar26, which definitely looks like something you’d see paired with a Dremora cosplay! Though it doesn’t look quite as deadly as the dagger collection, being a slight bit blunter and all, this is unmistakably a Skyrim sword through and through.

I made a wooden Deadric sword! from skyrim

Last but not least: this gorgeous replica of Grimsever created by Reddit user indigod0g. Which, depending on how long it’s last been since your latest Skyrim playthrough, you may recall having fetched out of the Mzinchaleft Gatehouse for Mjoll the Lioness in Riften.

There’s no proper preview here, so you’ll have to click into Reddit to see it. But once you do, you’re greeted with an incredibly faithful replica of the glass Skyrim sword in all its intricate detail.

My sword, Grimsever, is finally finished. Now I just have to leave her in a dwemer ruin.. from skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of those games that still carries tons of public interest years after its release. While it’s unclear exactly when The Elder Scrolls VI is due to release, there’s almost always something new to see coming out of the Skyrim fandom. Including, for instance, this Joe Biden inauguration day meme.