This SoulCalibur V Ad is Edgy…and Real

on January 30, 2012 9:00 PM

Namco Bandai made quite a splash when a certain…um…classy advertisement for SoulCalibur V went viral. The hype died down when it came out that the second one was a fake, disappointing those who thought that video game ads had reached a frightening new low. Those naysayers can now safely mount their high horses, because the publisher has released a very sexualized Japanese ad for the weapon based fighter, which launches tomorrow here in North America. The ad (which is easily NSFW) can be viewed after the break. 

Unlike the last ad, this one focuses on Ivy’s buttocks instead of her enormous rack. I’d say that her rack is far more substantial than her butt, but that doesn’t mean that her butt is insubstantial. It’s actually quite nice. Also unlike the last ad, this one is fresh from a reputed source; Japan’s biggest gaming magazine, Famitsu. So, now everyone has two reasons to go out and buy SCV tomorrow. The first reason is because it is a marvelous game. The second reason can be seen below.

This SoulCalibur V Ad is Edgy...and Real


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