This Star Quest 2: United Galaxies Trailer has Spaceships and Explosions

on November 29, 2013 1:56 PM

Check out the 3rd video update for Star Quest 2: United Galaxies. Hope you like spaceships!

Star Quest 2: United Galaxies is a real time space strategy that puts you either in command of a fleet, a gunner seat on a spaceship, or an ace pilot on the front lines. Star Quest 2: United Galaxies is an ambition project and Virtual Adventures have been hard at work converting the original engine from 1999 when the game was cancelled.

Star Quest 2: United Galaxies was the 3rd game Virtual Adventures had worked before the project got cancelled due to a depleted budget. Nearly 13 years later, Virtual Adventures decided to give crowdfunding a shot. They are asking for $30,000 in order to complete development.

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