This Star Trek Trailer is Possibly the Best Ever Made for Anything Anywhere, Ever

March 29, 2013

William Shatner. The Gorn from the Original Series episode, “Arena” (1966). A near-complete reenactment of the famous over-the-top fight scene from the aforementioned episode. Those are the three things that when brought together, produce one of the funniest trailers I have ever seen made for a video game. It does not even have much to do with the game itself. Though it was very cool to see that they made a reference to the patented Kirk double-axe handle in the game (you can see this at the very end of the trailer).

Star Trek is being developed by Digital Extremes and will be published by Namco Bandai for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. You can watch the original scene and the new trailer below.

David Rodriguez

David has been a gamer since childhood and enjoys games that are able to deliver fun and intricate gameplay alongside compelling and emotional narratives. He's also a huge fan of film, television, comic books, and literature. David has his B.A. in English Language Arts from CUNY John Jay College.

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