This Stuff Washes Off, Right?

By Tyler Christensen

November 17, 2010

Gaming is not only a pass time to many, but it’s also a lifestyle. If you’d like to debate this topic, I’m all ears! Gaming is something that I (amongst many others) do to make themselves get over the day’s horrendous pile of crap (to say the least) and enjoy a little bit of R & R. Throughout my year’s as a gamer, I never really knew how I could express myself and actually state that “I am a Gamer” to anyone and everyone. Well, I think I may have found a way to state just those words… ink, and not the washable kind.

It started off as a joke with my friend, but then the humor behind it became more of a reality and was just something that I couldn’t pass up. I was originally going to get this tattoo across my belly as a homage to the “gangsta/thug life lifestyle” but I obviously changed my mind. I’m not exactly sure what all is going to go on my back, but I did know that I wanted Duck Hunt pistols. I think next I’ll be placing the 1-up mushroom from Super Mario Bros. The two games did kind of go hand-in-hand with each other when I was a kid… it just makes sense.

So, without further adue, I give you the most ridiculous, idiotic and stupid thing that I have ever done, according to my parents. Take a look at the pictures from my sessions of getting stabbed over and over again, all in the name of gaming! Who-rah!

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Tyler Christensen

Marked until death with the words "Gamer" across my back (literally) with Duck Hunt pistols across my shoulder blades. Tyler enjoys good beer, open-world games and is also a singer/songwriter.

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