This Trailer of Blur Overdrive Brings the joy of Power-up Based Arcade Racing to your Mobile Device

on October 26, 2013 4:49 PM

The green arrows will always make you go faster regardless of the platform. Blur Overdrive is a top-down arcade racer from Marmalade Play that’s trying to recapture the chaotic fun of the original Blur.

Those whose memories can go back a couple of years will remember the Blur by now long gone studio, Bizarre Creations. Blur was basically Mario Kart with grown up cars. Well now you can get your automotive destruction on the go with Blur Overdrive on your mobile device.

You’ve 25 cars and over 250 customization parts, Blur Overdrive should make your bus rides a bit more exciting.

Blur Overdrive is out on Google Play and coming to iOS soon. Oh yeah, its free too!

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