This War of Mine Getting New Tabletop Board Game Adaptation, "Will Be an Instant-Play Game"

Originally launched last year to great critical acclaim, 11 bit Studios’ This War of Mine told a gritty and heartbreaking tale of families struggling to survive during times of war, and now the strategic adventure game is making its way to a new audience with a new tabletop adaptation.

Developer 11 bit Studios announced the new game is simply titled This War of Mine: The Boardgame, bringing the heavy doses of strategy and survival found in the original video game to a physical format for up to six players, or in a solo variant for one player.

In a press release from 11 bit Studios, the company confirmed that the board game version of This War of Mine “is in the hands of an experienced team,” consisting of veteran board game designer Michal Oracz (designer of Neuroshima Hex, Earthcore: Shattered Elements, Neuroshima RPG) and Jakub Wisniewski (translator and story designer for Earthcore: Shattered Elements, Dying Light and others).

Specifically, 11 bit confirmed that the board game will still maintain ties to the original game by allowing players to “play as the well-known characters from the video game and face hundreds of new challenges and difficult choices.” 11 bit also promises the board game “significantly broadens the original game’s universe and emphasizes the depth of the plot,” while the game’s main focus “will be on human interactions drive by survival instinct and group decision-making.”

While few other details on the game are available at this time, 11 bit also emphasized that “this project will be extremely ambitious because it aims to omit the usual boardgame threshold,” indicating that the game will be easy to pick and play for newcomers and citing is as “an INSTANT-PLAY game, with no need to read the manual before starting the adventure.”

In addition to the board game, a companion app will be available for This War of Mine: The Boardgame that “will enrich the player’s experience,” including the game’s soundtrack, live story updates in-game, scripts and scenarios triggered by the game, cutscenes, and much more.

No firm release date for This War of Mine: The Boardgame have been given at this time, other than the press release noting that “the story of This War of Mine will be continued in 2016” and “more details coming soon.

This War of Mine is currently available for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, with a PS4 and Xbox One version of the game titled This War of Mine: The Little Ones will release on January 29th, 2016.

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