This Week In Forza Motorsport Paint Jobs: Episode 2

Welcome to the second episode of our little column dedicated to the community of amazingly talented artists and creatives, that every day work hard to make our Forza Motorsport 4 experience more enjoyable and varied with their amazing liveries and paint jobs.

Of course this column doesn’t want to be an official “best of”, as it reflects my personal taste, and there would be no chance to cover all the most beautiful and artistic liveries available (there are way too many). That said, if you think your newest paintjob is awesome and would like to see it showcased, do shoot me a mail, I might just do that the week after. If you missed Episode 1, you can check it out here.

But let’s get down to business and let the cars do the talking:

The first ride for this week is Mustang Flames by sgt BROWNbutter for the 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429

If you like your car to eat the road like a monster while you time it like a wild horse, this is the design for you.

It brings the classic flaming muscle car design straight to the next level with a level of detail and a choice of color that fits the car perfectly. Add some skulls and a starry sky, and you get the perfect Boss of the road.

The American purebred at its best: Fast as a bullet, hard as a bullet, turns like a bullet.

Let’s change style completely with the second pimped design: the GSR Miku Z4, by Akasaka Mitsuke for the 2010 BMW Z4 GT3.

At first sight you can mistake this car for an Itasha (A car decorated with anime and video game characters, popular between the Japanese otaku community), but it’s actually something very different.

This beautiful BMW Z4 GT3 decorated with the charming video game diva and vocaloid Hatsune Miku is actually the reproduction of a real racing car. To be precise it’s the Hatsune Miku GOODSMILE BMW Z4, belonging to the long-named racing team GSR&Studie with TeamUKYO.

This car actually won the GT 300 category of the Japanese Super GT championship this year, carrying the lovely smile of Hatsune Miku under the checkered flag several times. Want to see the real one? Check here.

The real world version of the car is beautiful, but the replica is just as great. Every little detail is masterfully reproduced: from Miku’s decals to the very appropriate “Don’t give up, Tohoku” stickers on the front and back bumpers. It’s probably one of the best race replicas on the marketplace and come on, it’s Miku! What’s not to love?

The next design is Z C Night by lxl Bonecrusher for the 2009 Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster.

This design is the perfect evidence of the fact that a paint job doesn’t need to be gaudy or striking to attract the attention.

If you look at it from a distance this Zonda almost looks completely black, but as soon as the camera closes in, it reveals an intricate tribal pattern just a little darker than the overall body color, that looks both classy and beautiful.

The typical red stripe of the Cinque perfectly complements this stealthy look, adding a contrasting accent. If you want your car to look like a stealth fighter on wheel, this is definitely the design you’re looking for.

Last design for this week is Ponsot Rok by Rokusho 009, made for the 2000 Nissan Silvia Spec-R.

The Silvia Spec-R is a classic choice for drifters and in fact this is the reproduction of the real car of the french drift driver Clément Ponsot.

It’s definitely not over-the-top as your usual drift ride, and that’s one of the reasons why this design stands out. The choice of colors with a combination of white, black and fluo green is really pleasing to the eye without being tacky.

It’s definitely a good choice if you’re looking into spending a few hours on the Fujimi Kaido downhill burning some rubber. We’re not paying for tires in Forza 4 after all, so who cares?

That’s all for this week. I hope you enjoyed this little showcase. Feel free to send me a mail if you want to vouch for the livery you created, or even just for one you liked and would like to see showcased next week. See you on the track!

Giuseppe Nelva

Hailing from sunny (not as much as people think) Italy and long standing gamer since the age of Mattel Intellivision and Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Definitely a multi-platform gamer, he still holds the old dear PC nearest to his heart, while not disregarding any console on the market. RPGs (of any nationality) and MMORPGs are his daily bread, but he enjoys almost every other genre, prominently racing simulators, action and sandbox games. He is also one of the few surviving fans of the flight simulator genre on Earth.

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