This Week In Gaming Social Media: POKEMANZ

This Week In Gaming Social Media: POKEMANZ


If you guys are like the staff here, you’re probably on the Internet. A lot. As such, most of you probably frequent all manner of social media, places like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You fine gentlemen probably read some really really stupid/disgusting/mean things, but I’m sure amongst all that crap, you find some genuinely funny statements. This new weekly DualShockers feature is a means to highlight those video game-related gems that may be hilarious, stupid, or stupidly hilarious.

Granted, as this is the inaugural edition, I won’t have much for you except for snippets from our deliciously witty staff and a couple other buds. But here’s where you, our amazing DualShockers community, comes in. If you find a particularly awesome blog post, Facebook wall post, tweet, etc etc, feel free to e-mail them to me at, with the subject ‘This Week in Gaming Social Media”. If it’s good, I’ll be sure to use it. If it’s terrible, you’ll receive a strongly worded reply belittling your lack of funny. Either way, send it to us, and we’ll try to accommodate. As is the case, nothing that’s NSFW, and nothing that’ll put us in legal trouble, please.

Now, let’s get started.

Pokemanz, Srs Business

These come courtesy of my Facebook and a Twitter conversation I had with Joseph Leray, writer for Destructoid, concerning the relative hassle of re-spec’ing your Pokemon.



An Oldie, But a Goodie. Kinda.

Fellow writer John Colaw has some mighty immature friends, it seems. I’d drink with them.


Magicka: So Good, Yet So Frustrating

This was a tweet by me early last week expressing frustration at Magicka‘s broken co-op, which is by all means an absolutely fantastic must-play game otherwise. Granted, most of the problems have been fixed thanks to around-the-clock support by the devs, so I don’t harbor such rage anymore. Expect a review sometime soon. Spoilers: It’s very positive.


And They Say Games Industry Peeps Aren’t Divas…

Here we have a tweet from Gears of War godfather Cliff Bleszinski, expressing utter disgust at the gross lack of amenities at an EA event. S’cool Cliffy, green tea is pretty god-tier.


It’s Funny Because It’s Probably True

And finally, our last tweet comes in from the Robot Chicken Twitter, which provides an insightful look at the crapstorm happening in Egypt right now.


Well, that’s it for this week. Hope to see what you guys have for me next week!