This Week in Gaming Social Media: Super Bowl Sunday...?

By Allen Park

February 8, 2011

That Tweet by nerd goddess Felicia Day pretty much describes this weekend to a tee.  You had people livetweeting the Super Bowl, other people livetweeting how much they hate people who livetweet the Super Bowl, and still others that flooded the Twitterverse with how much they didn’t care about the Super Bowl, yet also didn’t care about others hating on people livetweeting the Super Bowl.

Yeah, confusing, I know, but not to worry, because this week in gaming social media, I found quite a few gems online, a lot of them involving Minecraft.

Some Assembly Required

It’s true.

Three Years Later, and Nothing’s Changed

I’m convinced your WiiFit Age is actually some sort of code as to how stupid you look on the Balance Board.

Artists In the Making

Real talk: the more crudely drawn penii in a game, the more adult and sophisticated it is.

Pokemanz 2: Poke Harder

This is a conversation that took place when I was absent, and I really do regret missing it, as it sounds like GOLD.

Why Ratchet & Clank is the Most Important PS5 Game

Minecraft Musings

Here’s some various conversations with staff and buddies about getting re-addicted to Minecraft, starting with some inspiration for a project that may be entirely too ambitious, but completely and utterly possible.

I am about 75% sure I’ll be trying to attempt that later this week.

Here’s one from our newest staff member, Justin. What he says is 100% truth; inventory editors (basically the ability to spawn whatever you want) are no way to play the game.

Never mind the fact that we spawned an absurd amount of bones to make bonemeal so our Megatree could grow quicker.

And finally, we have an actual in-game screenshot, where we artfully display our classy sense of humor.

Please guys, no hate mail for the “rape” remark. We’ve already exhausted that topic in this industry, and you probably don’t want to hear what I have to say on it either.

That’s all for this week; again, if you guys see anything gaming-related in whatever social media outlets you frequent, feel free to contribute. E-mail any of your stuff to me at [email protected], and I’ll try to insert it into next week’s column.

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