This Week in Gaming Social Media: WAAATSOOOON!

This Week in Gaming Social Media: WAAATSOOOON!

This Week in Gaming Social Media: WAAATSOOOON!

TWIGASM, heretofore known as “This Week in Gaming Social Media”, returns again this week with lots and lots of Tweets. A bunch of noteworthy stuff happened in the past couple weeks: Jeopardy was dominated by a computer, Marvel vs Capcom 3 came out and some people raged over it, and a little thing called the DICE awards happened. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Stacking: A Trigger Warning

This Week in Gaming Social Media: WAAATSOOOON!

Really, with all this hubbub over Bulletstorm causing rapes, it’s a marvel that FOXNews has completely missed a game where you have to sneak behind people and forcibly get inside of them to gain their abilities.  Considering the kerfluffle over the Dickwolves saga, I hope I haven’t said too much.

Dance Dance Revolution: A Man’s Game

This Week in Gaming Social Media: WAAATSOOOON!

This Week in Gaming Social Media: WAAATSOOOON!I don’t think I have much else to say about this one; it’s pretty self-explanatory.

They Don’t Know Jack

This Week in Gaming Social Media: WAAATSOOOON!Microsoft Game Studios producer Aaron Linde is irate over the mind-boggling decision to gimp the newest iteration of You Don’t Know Jack for the PC. While the console versions had full online multiplayer up to four players, the PC version has no online multiplayer to speak of, and the local multi is only restricted to two players. Considering YDKJ is a game fueled by friends, I’m inclined to agree with Mr. Linde’s rage.

It’s the Only Reason I Play the Series, Honestly

This Week in Gaming Social Media: WAAATSOOOON!I’ve still not managed to catch a Metal Slime in Dragon Quest V. I’d make it some sort of life goal, but I’m sure a lifetime wouldn’t even be enough to catch those crafty shinny buggers.

Gaming Industry Jokes? YEP

This Week in Gaming Social Media: WAAATSOOOON!ArsTechnica games editor Ben Kuchera made the rather slow night of February 10 quite entertaining when he live-Tweeted the DICE awards for all on the Internets to see. There were hundreds of gems within that time period, but I just had to single out this one and chuckle, because it’s so freaking true. Y’all probably won’t get it, but I don’t care; it’s funny to me, and that’s all that matters.

More Like Marvel vs CRAPCOM 3

This Week in Gaming Social Media: WAAATSOOOON!If you hadn’t noticed, a tiny little art game called Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds came out last week, and made quite a hubbub among the gaming community. You had a lot of people bitching about the cheapness of the fighting system, and how broken some characters were, which was a total drag. This comment, from Destructoid’s Jonathan Holmes, shows the more positive side of that, and it’s what I like to see for a game that’s genuinely fun to play, even amidst all the supposedly overpowered characters.

Obligatory Pokemon Tweet

This Week in Gaming Social Media: WAAATSOOOON!You can’t tell me that wasn’t a good one.

That’s all for this week folks! Remember, if you spot something particularly hilarious or noteworthy in the blogosphere, e-mail me at, and we’ll try to put it in a future TWIGASM.