This Week in Rock Band DLC: Roadrunner Records and Starship

on November 26, 2011 1:00 PM

After last week’s DLC featuring a certain Canadian rock band that it seems plenty of people enjoy, this week’s DLC seems to step up the technicality, not to mention the DLC Contrast, with a Roadrunner Records track pack and one of one of the the cheesiest songs around.  That is right, the long awaited Starship song, “We Built This City” comes to Rock Band alongside some awesome assorted heavy metal from Trivium, Opeth and Dream Theater.

This week, the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii are

  • Dream Theater – “On the Backs of Angels”*
  • Opeth – “Ghost of Perdition”
  • Trivium – “In Waves”
  • Starship – “We Built This City”
As always, each song will cost $1.99 in real currency, or 160 Microsoft Spacebucks if bought individually.  The Trivium, Opeth and Dream Theater tracks will be sold as a pack, the “Roadrunner Records Pack 02,” for $5.49, or 440 Microsoft points.  The tracks marked with an * will be upgradable to Pro-Guitar/Pro-Bass for an additional $0.99 (or 80 Microsoft points).
In addition, Rock Band will be upgrading legacy tracks for the pro-upgrades, maybe to start competing with Rocksmith?   Or more likely just to keep people playing the Pro-Guitar parts.  This week, Jane’s Addiction’s song “Jane Says” will be upgradable for pro-guitar/pro-bass upgrades for $0.99 or 80 Microsoft points.
Dream Theater is always such a tease.  I love listening to their music and I always end up trying to play their songs on Rock Band.  It never ends well on Expert.  While I’ve been able to get through them, it is very rarely pretty.  Still, this sounds like another pack of songs worth picking up.  Plus, who doesn’t want to sing “We Built This City” with their friends?
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