Thomas Was Alone Dev Continues Fight Against Indmusic, Who Allegedly Continue to “Harass [His] Customers” With Monetization Claims

on February 19, 2014 5:50 AM

Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell today took to Twitter to campaign against Indmusic, a company who allegedly have been removing monetization on fan videos on his behalf. Bithell is happy to let cusotmers moneteize the videos, but is having difficulty getting Indmusic to see his way. This follows issues from back in December, when many indie developers found their videos the target of content ID, stemming from Indmusic.

Initially he sent an irate Tweet to Indmusic, asking them to stop issuing claims against his customers.


In a second Tweet, he stated that Indmusic do not have the rights to issue copyright claims against others using either his game’s music or gameplay.


Indmusic replied to him, but not in the manner he wanted. Instead of fixing the issue, they requested that Bithell ring them so that they could discuss what they feel are complex issues.


Currently, Indmusic have ceased communication with Bithell. He however, refuses to give up on his campaign against them until they cease their copyright claims on fan videos.