Those Who Remain Gets a Darkness Trailer Focused on Those Creepy Monsters

Those Who Remain Gets a Darkness Trailer Focused on Those Creepy Monsters

Those Who Remain has monsters that don't like the light but want to eat you up.

Camel 101’s hauntingly eerie title Those Who Remain has a new trailer which looks as you’d hope. Unsettling from the off. The game encourages players to survive by staying in the light and the story seems interesting.

Found embedded below, the trailer finds the protagonists’ voice-over explaining how he grew up afraid of the dark and afraid of the monsters, and he used the light to stay safe. His Mother told him they weren’t real, but the voiceover tells us that they are real, and the protagonist is very much scared of the dark.

And after the introduction consisting of tracking shots across the setting of Dormont, we see exactly why our protagonist is afraid. There are monsters everywhere! These monsters walk around the dark and kill anyone they get close too, but providing you’re in the light, you should be okay.

The monsters seem to vary in shapes and sizes so the world seems as if it’s going to be populated to some degree. There doesn’t seem to be any combat involved, instead, it looks to be one of those psychological horrors in which running and hiding is the key to staying alive.

To add to the uneasy setting of Those Who Remain, there are portals that will take you to a similar area, but different, and whatever happens in one area affects the other area. Potentially bringing a puzzling element to the game. Choices made are intended to affect the ending while a personal narrative delves into bullying, infidelity, and suicide.

We saw a gameplay reveal trailer last year showing of the first-person gameplay as the player hides from patrolling creatures. The level design looks dark and rough and looks as if Camel 1010 are aiming for photorealistic environments.

Those Who Remain is confirmed to be arriving for PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. There’s no exact launch date, but it is due to arrive this year.