Thoughts on WWE ’12’s $1 Unlock

Thoughts on WWE ’12’s $1 Unlock

WWE ’12 includes a plethora of DLC superstars and attires you can buy via money or Microsoft Points. However, I think it should be interesting to note that the game also features the ability to pay $1 (80 Microsoft Points) to unlock everything the game has to offer. Of course, this does not include exclusive DLC content, but it does include unlockable characters and arenas tucked away in the game’s many modes. So if you’re a person that isn’t interested in taking the time to play through the entire game, shelling out an extra dollar may be for you.

I can see how including this could work out for a lot of people. For example, if I’m renting out this game for the weekend and having friends over, we won’t have the time to unlock everything to fully enjoy multiplayer. Heck, those who have copies of games like Super Smash Brothers Brawl know the pain of playing on their friend’s fresh new Wii. Half the game’s multiplayer experience isn’t unlocked right off the bat.


So if you find yourself as one of these people who dislike having to go through an entire game in order to play a couple of good multiplayer matches, the premium price of $1 that WWE ’12 offers to unlock everything may be for you.

I have played WWE ’12 for close to two hours now, and I have only unlocked 2 things so far. 2 things out of 60! Talk about a lot to do.