Thousands Show Up as San Francisco Became Gotham City for a 5-Year Old Boy Battling Leukemia

Thousands Show Up as San Francisco Became Gotham City for a 5-Year Old Boy Battling Leukemia

Two weeks ago I reported on Miles Scott, a 5-year old boy currently battling Leukemia who was granted the ultimate Make-A-Wish to become Batman, thus transforming San Francisco into Gotham City.

Scott’s incredible day came on November 15th and thanks to the help of volunteers and the media, thousands of people showed up for Scott’s big event, which forced police to shutdown major roads as people gathered into the streets. To say it was epic would be an understatement. The day kicked off with a breaking news story where San Francisco’s Police Chief Greg Suhr appeared on TV asking if anyone in town knows the whereabouts of Batkid.  Suhr was desperately seeking Batkid’s help to save the city from the villainous Riddler and Penguin. Scott, disguised as Batkid from head to toe, joined an adult-sized Batman and his baby brother as Robin as they jumped into two waiting Batmobiles (Lamborghini), rescuing a damsel-in-distress from the HydeStreet cable-car tracks in Nob Hill by disabling a plastic replica bomb to free the woman.

That wasn’t the of Scott’s journey for he was off to defeat Penguin who kidnapped San Francisco Giants’ mascot Lou Seal and had taken him to the nearby park. After rescuing Lou, the Chief of Police appeared on the Jumbotron to give Batkid a big “thank you” from the city. Later Scott was honored by Mayor Ed Le at City Hall. The Chronicle even participated in the action and distributed special-edition newspapers with the headline, “Batkid Saves City,” in Union Square. The Justice Department even released an indictment of the Riddler and Penguin. San Francisco’s chief federal prosecutor Attorney Melinda Haag and FBI agent David Johnson accused the villains of “performing all kinds of mayhem in Gotham, San Francisco, and parts unknown for an indefinite period of time.” Upon conviction, the villains will be jailed for 24 years.

Scott’s journey was heavily detailed on Twitter, where the President and First Lady tweeted out their support from the White House. Obama later sent out a congratulatory Vine.


Get your tissues handy and check out the gallery below for all the action.