THQ and SyFy Making Family Games + More!

Today brings great rejoice for science-fiction fans and gamers alike.  Today is the day that we see the leader in sci-fi entertainment online and broadcaster on television Syfy enter into a partnership with heavyweight in the game development and publishing industries THQ, and it will not be forgotten.  With news of entirely new game concepts and intellectual properties on the way from this duo, we can expect lots of new franchises.  The possibilities of Syfy’s most provocative, deep, and entertaining ideas making their way in new form in the form of franchises that will likely breathe new life into the games and movie/tv industries.

With the imagination running wild from what could be included in the lineup of new franchises from this team, it is also apparent that THQ and Syfy are paying attention to growing family entertainment and casual game markets by launching the all-new Syfy Kids brand of family and casual video games.  There is a strong possibility these games will be widely embraced.  Does any gamer out there remember seeing the de Blob commercial and getting excited to play it, only to realize you don’t have the right console?  I wouldn’t mind having some fun with games like de Blob for Nintendo Wii on my console!  I’m sure fans of the series would also enjoy the expansion of the franchise with all-new installments, as well as the continued support of fan base.

Brilliantly enough Syfy and THQ are bringing de Blob to an even wider audience with cutting-edge innovations to launch Syfy Kids.  The new brand Syfy Kids seeks to provoke the imagination in a subtle, positive, and often comedic manner.  Games like de Blob allow the gamer to fill in much of the fantasy with their own imagination and set the stage for mostly innocent joyous thoughts.  That is why families will have no problem picking up games like this and it’s a great way to launch the brand.  I am hopeful we can also look forward to Syfy games for the adult crowd coinciding with the Syfy Kids brand in some way or another.

For a lot of people out there, including myself, de Blob was one of those Nintendo Wii games that you want to play with you anywhere and anytime.  THQ and Syfy have recognized the potential of this and are set to bring de Blob to the masses.  Who knows what else might come out of this partnership, given the fact they are talking new IPs, it could be anything.

Syfy will begin developing ‘webisodes’, television and consumer products like toys, with the future plans of movies definitely an objective.  Games are also coming soon!  No release dates have been put forth yet and the developer who will create them is unknown.  THQ is preparing to have new games based on de Blob across multiple gaming platforms developed and published some day before March 31, 2011.*This is not a release date nor estimate.  Look out for exciting new content in the entertainment world from Syfy Kids and other THQ and Syfy collaborations.

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