THQ Developing Wii Exclusive All Star Karate

on February 8, 2010 10:36 AM

Have you ever wanted to live out the Karate Kid hero scenario where you come across an old man who needs help only to discover he can train you to be great? If so,  THQ Inc has added a news release to its Investor Relations website. In the press release comes the announcement of All Star Karate, currently in Development Exclusively for the Wii. This game will take players through the life of a young martial arts novice who’s attempt to be a hero lands him face to face with a Karate master.

Players will fight their way through All Star Karate using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, or two Wii remotes (with optional Wii MotionPlus compatibility) as they achieve seven achievement levels in karate including Black Belt. While learning from their wise and humorous sensei and executing various kicking, blocking, and hand techniques fighting off packs of ninjas, players will learn the disciplines of karate with realistic body control.

All Star Karate will feature Single Player Career Mode as well as Challenge Mode during which they can enjoy sparring with friends. There will even be a Kata Editor which will allow players to create their own move sequences for use in the game!

All Star Karate is expected to smash onto the shelves exclusively for the Wii this Spring for ‘010.

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