THQ Nordic Now Has 80 Games in Development, 48 of Which are Unannounced

I guess when you buy every development studio around, that would mean you have a lot of incoming games.

By Logan Moore

May 22, 2019

We’ve known for awhile now that THQ Nordic has a whole bunch of games in the pipeline, but somehow, the total keeps on increasing.

In the company’s most recent financial report which was released earlier today, the publisher announced the latest number of games that it has in development and it’s absolutely staggering. According to THQ Nordic, it currently has 80 games in total that are set to arrive in the future. And of those 80 titles, 48 of them still haven’t been disclosed to the general public.

With THQ Nordic having made so many studio and IP purchases over the past few years, it would make sense that it would have this many games under its umbrella. Still, I find it baffling that it has 80 games in development at once. In fact, I wonder what the qualifications are on THQ Nordic’s side to even say that a title is “in development” and then be listed in one of these financial reports.

If there’s simply work being done on a project of any sort, no matter how minor, does that attribute to the overall total? Do games in pre-production count? And what about games that have already released? I’d assume if there are still updates and DLC for past releases that are still being made, they would probably make up this total as well, right?

Still, even if we look more directly at the 48 unannounced titles, that’s a whole lot of work being done by a single publisher. It’s staggering how quickly THQ Nordic built itself up into this behemoth and now I’m just hoping that most of these future titles turn out well.

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With E3 2019 coming right around the corner, hopefully, we’ll get a look at what some of those unannounced titles might be.

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