THQ Nordic Has Acquired Kingdom Come: Deliverance Developer Warhorse Studios

THQ Nordic Has Acquired Kingdom Come: Deliverance Developer Warhorse Studios

THQ Nordic has pulled out its checkbook once again, today announcing the purchase of Warhorse Studios.

On the first anniversary of the release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, it was announced this morning that publisher THQ Nordic has now purchased the developer behind the game, Warhorse Studios.

This announcement was made today via a press release that revealed the Warhorse Studios was purchased by THQ Nordic’s subsidiary Koch Media for the price of €33.2m. This deal also gives THQ Nordic ownership of all IP rights that Warhorse Studios has previously owned. This move also is one that isn’t much of a shock as Deep Silver, which is another subsidiary of Koch Media, published Kingdom Come: Deliverance last year. Koch Media’s CEO acknowledged that this partnership is what led to a relationship developing with Warhorse that then led to today’s purchasing.

Warhorse CEO Martin Fryvaldsky spoke highly of this acquisition saying, “Becoming part of THQ Nordic is an important milestone for our studio. We began as a small start-up with a handful of employees who were enthusiastic enough to join this challenging project.” Fryvaldsky also reflected on Kingdom Come’s origins as a Kickstarter game and said, “The skill of our team members, trust and support of our main investor and passion of our fans, who supported development of Kingdom Come: Deliverance through a Kickstarter campaign helped us grow to an international level.”

In addition to the acquisition announcement, Warhorse also announced today that lifetime, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has now surpassed 2 million copies sold. This total is spread out across all of the game’s platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s an impressive figure for a title that had such humble beginnings. Plus, Warhorse also revealed that it was sold 500,000 DLC packages. Having around 1/4 of those that purchased your game also purchase additional content is a pretty great attach rate.

As for what’s next for Warhorse, it remains to be seen. Now belonging to THQ Nordic, the studio will have far more resources at their disposal for whatever project it decides to tackle next. A return to Kickstarter will definitely not be needed this next time around.