THQ Nordic Has Acquired Alone in the Dark and Act of War IPs

Adding to its ever-growing list of IPs, THQ Nordic has acquired Alone in the Dark and Act of War from publisher Atari Games.

In another round of acquisitions, THQ Nordic has taken over the IPs Alone in the Dark and Act of War.

Alone in the Dark is a “Lovecraftian survival horror game series” that first appeared on the PC in 1992 from developer Infogrames. Two sequels soon followed in 1993 and 1994 before a hiatus that ended with The New Nightmare in 2001. The franchise went under another hiatus until Alone in the Dark in 2008 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, PS2, and Wii. A PC game with the subtitle Illumination was released in 2015 as a third person cooperative shooter, but was universally panned. Atari was the last publisher for the franchise, which now has THQ Nordic as its home.

Act of War is a real-time strategy game from 2005 also published by Atari. It is most notable for being written by Dale Brown, a retired captain of the US Air Force and writer of many thriller novels. An expansion pack named High Treason was released in 2006, and a spiritual successor named Act of Aggression that was released in 2015. Original developer Eugen Systems is currently working on Steel Division 2 for PC.

THQ Nordic has not detailed any plans on remastering the previous games or creating a new game with the IPs, just that they are now the owners. Most recently THQ Nordic acquired the Kingdoms of Amalur IP, though will need EA’s permission to re-release the only game from that potential franchise.

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