THQ “Poised to Exploit” the Wii U’s Similarity to Their uDraw Tablet

on June 11, 2011 11:00 AM

In an interview regarding the Wii U, Martin Good, boss of THQ’s casual games division, says that he does see the similarities between the Wii U tablet controller and THQ’s previously released Wii uDraw Tablet and that he sees the similarities as an opportunity for improving their development.

“We think we’re really on the front for it and well poised to exploit this because we’ve already been playing with the drawing mechanic and we’ve got a lot of game designs in the pipe. It’s only going to get better with that experience.”

He also mentions that THQ is primarily a software manufacturer rather than a peripheral manufacturer and that the uDraw was only made for the specific purpose of their drawing games.

Good to see him being rational in his reaction to the Wii U’s design.


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