THQ Releases 13-Minute Gameplay Demo of Metro: Last Light

Arguably, one of the memorable sleeper hits of E3 this year was THQ’s upcoming game, Metro: Last Light. This new post-apocalyptic thriller will combine elements of the survival-horror and first-person shooter genres all within what looks to be a very disturbing, harrowing experience. The gameplay itself is very akin to that of older horror films, and a pang of fear can be felt with the sound of every gunshot. There is even a creepy flashback, and the entire reel is accompanied by a minimal, subdued score. It is  one those things that I would advise against watching at five in the morning, but you must see it for yourself.

Metro: Last Light will be released for the PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and possibly even the Wii U on an unspecified date in the first quarter of 2013.

David Rodriguez

David has been a gamer since childhood and enjoys games that are able to deliver fun and intricate gameplay alongside compelling and emotional narratives. He's also a huge fan of film, television, comic books, and literature. David has his B.A. in English Language Arts from CUNY John Jay College.

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