THQ Releases Dawn Of War: Chaos Rising

By Heidi Searcy

March 11, 2010

THQ Inc and Relic Entertainment has released the new update to Dawn of War II. Going live, either yesterday or today depending on where you live, this update has opened up a massive amount of new content for you Dawn of War fans. With nine new multi-player maps, five new multi-player units, two free-for-all multi-player modes and the ability to play with other Chaos Rising gamers, be prepared to spend even more time with Dawn of War than you ever have. This update has also released some balance updates for all races and includes many bug fixes.

In Dawn of War II, the Blood Ravens have saved the sector, but now is the time to save themselves. In Chaos Rising, you return to sub sector Aurelia and find yourself faced with a lost frozen planet that has been brought here by the Warp. Now you must rise up and take command of the Blood Raven to battle against the Chaos Space Marines of the Black Legion. Defending the sector, you must uncover the secrets behind the traitorous forces that are determined to bring down the Blood Ravens.

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