THQ Releases MX vs. ATV Reflex Soundtrack

THQ Releases MX vs. ATV Reflex Soundtrack

I’m a fan of game soundtracks.  Of course, I usually stick with RPG orchestral music, it usually puts me in a pretty mellow mood when I’m really stressed or something.  The MX vs. ATV Reflex official soundtrack that was just released is not likely to have that effect on you.

This soundtrack is helmed by Raymond Herrera, a music industry veteran.  It includes a rather eclectic mix of original creations that blend with the action of the game almost seamlessly.  See, this isn’t mellow – the mood of the soundtrack reflects heavier music styles, drawing influence from the likes of Killswitch Engage, Soilwork (that sounds dirty), Corrosion of Conformity and Fear Factory.


The vice president of global brand management at THQ, Brian Coleman, had this to say about the music:

“The MX vs. ATV Reflex soundtrack is a perfect example of great synergy between the right music and a compelling gameplay experience.  The overall product is certain to have appeal with a widespread audience of game enthusiasts, off-road fans and mainstream consumers.”

Here are the tracks included on the soundtrack:

1. “Pressure Plate” (3volution featuring Raymond Herrera)
2. “Nac Nac” (3volution featuring Raymond Herrera)
3. “Aftermarket” (Robert Cote)
4. “Holeshot” (3volution featuring Raymond Herrera)
5. “50 Ft. Drop” (3volution featuring Raymond Herrera)
6. “Pilot Jet” (3volution featuring Raymond Herrera)
7. “Terrain” (3volution featuring Raymond Herrera)
8. “Devil’s Swingarm” (Dave Lowmiller)
9. “Wheels In Motion” (Robert Cote)
10. “Scraping the Can” (3volution featuring Raymond Herrera)
11. “Machined From Billet” (Dave Lowmiller)
12. “Silencer” (3volution featuring Raymond Herrera)
13. “Accelerate” (3volution featuring Raymond Herrera)

For more information on Raymond Herrera’s production company, 3volution Productions, you can check out their site, as well as the official MX vs. ATV Reflex site.