THQ Wireless Releases de Blob for iPhone

By Heidi Searcy

March 8, 2010

THQ Wireless, a subsidiary of THQ Inc, announced today that an iPhone version of de Blob: Revolution is now available through iTunes. Also announced, the game will soon be available for the iPad as well. de Blob is a highly entertaining puzzle/maze game jam packed with over 4,000 levels. With that many levels, this is a pick up and play game that will keep you busy for hours.

“de Blob has a huge fan following across both core and casual gamers, and this new mobile game is just one of the many ways in which we will be further extending this brand and bringing the humorous, paint-splattering character to life,” said Adam Comiskey, Vice President of THQ Wireless. “We are excited to bring back the de Blob franchise to our wireless portfolio as an all-new mobile game that delivers even more fun and entertaining play features than before.”

In de Blob: Revolution, Prisma City citizens are trapped as Graydians by the evil I.N.K.T. Corporation. Playing as de Blob, you must help free these Graydians by drawing or tapping the screen, finding the best path out of each building. There are three types of buildings you can choose from, depending on how you enjoy playing. The Rescue Building allows you to attempt to free as many Graydians as you can without worrying about timers or threats from I.N.K.T. The Speed Rescue Building lets you race against time to free as many Graydians as possible before time runs out and the I.N.K.T. Chase Building where you race to free the Graydians before the evil agents catch up with you.

You can download de Blob: Revolution here for the iTunes price of $2.99.

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