Three Great Games Added to Humble Indie Bundle 12

September 16, 2014

Good news, there are even more ridiculously awesome games being added to Humble Indie Bundle 12.

We previously reported on the stunning 12th iteration of the Humble Bundle when it was announced, containing seven awesome games in Gone Home, Gunpoint, Hammerwatch, Luftrausers, Papers Please, Prison Architect and SteamWorld Dig if you paid over $10. Now, you can also get the awesome endless runner Race the Sun, heist game Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine and the M.C. Esher inspired puzzler The Bridge as part of the deal if you pay over the current average of $7.77 as of writing.

That package is a whole lot of great indie games for an itsy bitsy amount of money. In fact, this might very well be the best Humble Bundle package I have ever seen. Usually there is one or two games that just don’t interest me that much, but literally every single one of these are solid, if not spectacular games that I’ve had the privilege to play.

If you feel like getting a handful of great indie games to make your backlog even bigger, you can head on over to Humble Bundle to pay what you want for this excellent deal.

Andrew Matt

Andrew was enraptured by video games at a young age by series such as Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda. A self-proclaimed recovered Dota 2 addict, you can find him enjoying the best games that the PC has to offer. Outside of writing about video games, Andrew enjoys binging Netflix, reading a good book and throwing money at anything and everything Star Wars related. He probably finds your lack of faith disturbing.

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