Three New Far Cry 5 Character Trailers Reveal Pastor Jerome, Nick, and Mary

Three New Far Cry 5 Character Trailers Reveal Pastor Jerome, Nick, and Mary

Meet some of the Far Cry 5's main characters in three new and beautiful trailers.

UPDATE: You can read official details on Nick, Pastor Jerome, and Mary here.

Today, Ubisoft unveiled Far Cry 5 to the world via an official announcement trailer after four vignettes revealed the game takes place in Hope County, Montana earlier this week. This was then followed by the release of the game’s official key art, which confirmed it is set in modern times and showcased the game’s antagonist and his religious cult entourage.

That being said, Ubisoft didn’t just stop at an announcement trailer: it also released three new beautiful character vignettes: introducing us to Pastor Jerome, Nick, and Mary. Unlike the key art picture: these three aren’t bad guys, and are likely the characters you will be working with throughout the game.

The Mary vignette notably starts off revealing that she has grown up in Hope County, Montana, and presumably has lived there her whole life. Further, the whole trailer takes place within a saloon/bar that use to belong to her father. According to Mary, life was good before “they” — the religious cult — showed up, promising to “help.” Mary explains that soon her mother was taken and then her brother, and from that moment on her dad was never the same. From the sound of it, it seems like her father is dead, but it’s not quite as clear what happened to her mother and brother: whether they also died or are just swallowed up in the cult. The trailer ends, with Mary clearly in the mood for vengeance and a pan to under the liquor cabinet where an arsenal of weapons is stashed.

Pastor Jerome’s new video first off reveals he is a pastor — hence the title. In it Jerome is shown off sitting in a church that has been destroyed from the inside out — presumably by the above mentioned religious cult. Further, the pastor talks in disgust about how “he” — the leader of the religious cult — has led people, his followers astray, with poison and falsehoods. The scripture — Jeremiah 23:1 — is repeated twice, roughly saying woe to the man who leads my flock astray, again referring to this unnamed leader of the the religious cult. The trailer ends with Pastor Jerome gearing up with a bulletproof vest, a shotgun, and a revolver: clearly ready for battle.

Then there is the Nick vignette, which takes place in a plane hangar. In it it’s revealed that Nick is not only a pilot but an expecting father. Notably, his dad and grandfather were in the army as pilots. It appears that Nick’s coming child serves as his motivation, as he’s scared for his or her’s future and his family’s safety with the cult running around. At the end of trailer we see Nick strapping a mounted machine gun on the plane, alluding to plane combat of some type.

Far Cry 5 is set to release on February 27, 2018 for PS4, PC, Xbox One, PS4 Pro, and Scorpio. Below, you can check out the three new trailers.