Three New Scans for Naruto Storm Revolution Reveal Iruka, Konohamaru and Gameplay Mode “Shinobi Stories”

on May 21, 2014 7:39 PM

New scans for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution reveal two new characters for the title: the teacher Iruka and Naruto’s successor Konohamaru. We also find out about a new mode called Shinobi Stories, which will reveal even more about plot and lives of the fighters. Scans and translations are courtesy of ShonenGamez and RyuujiTK.

According to the scans above, Shinobi Stories will delve into Kushina Uzumaki (Naruto’s mother) history with Team Minato. Players will also be able to fight as Iruka and Konohamaru. Iruka seems to have a scolding special, based on all the times he’s yelled at Naruto. Meanwhile Konohamuaru Sexy Jutsu makes a return, which causes enemies to nosebleed intensely (based on the infamous reaction from Iruka when he first encountered Naruto’s version of the jutsu).

Finally, if you happen to have a save file from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, you can unlock new customization parts in this game.

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