Three Ways That The European SuperLeague Could Change FIFA 22


The Super League could have a broader effect than expected.

April 19, 2021

If you are a football (soccer) fan, then you have probably heard about all the buzz around the European SuperLeague today. While the Super League headquarters is determined to start this brand new tournament from August 2021, the question is how this can change one of the world’s most popular sports games: The FIFA series.

Today, Florentino Perez, CEO of Real Madrid, shared an official statement regarding the birth of a new football tournament created by 12 European football clubs called “The Super League.”

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According to this statement, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, A.C. Milan, Juventus, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Arsenal have reached an agreement to start The Super League tournament as of the next football season.


What is the European SuperLeague?

The tournament is like a premium league where only certain clubs are allowed to participate in. That being said, it seems there are going to be three more permanent clubs in the tournament along with five other teams that are supposed to reach The Super League through the Play-Off matches

How People Have Reacted to The Super League So Far?

The first reaction of the football fans to this new tournament has been mixed, but the number of people who are against The Super League seems to be growing over time.

FIFA and UEFA are both against the creation of a new league that is supposed to operate independently and have threatened to ban all players who play in The Super League from playing for their national football team in Euro and World Cup tournaments.

What Will Happen to Football Games in the Future

Despite the ongoing clash between FIFA/UEFA and The Super League creators, if the tournament goes live in August this year, it would be a huge change in football that we haven’t seen in years. A change that will force other related industries to choose a new direction.

EA’s FIFA 22 is probably going to be the most related topic for gamers in the case of the European SuperLeague and the changes that it causes. If the clash between FIFA/UEFA and The Super League wouldn’t end soon, FIFA 22 will have to choose a new direction.

FIFA 22 Might Drop the License of the Teams Participating in The Super League

Despite having official licensing contracts with football clubs, EA’s FIFA series has a bigger contract with the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) that allows the game to use its name as the name of the franchise.

If EA attempts to violate the rules of FIFA, it might lose the name of its franchise prior to every other thing. Now that FIFA officially speaks against The Super League and its creators, it will probably don’t react friendly to their appearance in a video game that carries the name of FIFA.

As a result, all the 12 football clubs mentioned earlier might appear with different names and kits in FIFA 22, similar to what has already happened for Juventus in FIFA 21.

In this case, FIFA 22 could probably simulate The Super League tournament with a different name and logo as well.

FIFA 22 Might Reach a New Agreement With The Super League Participants

While this one seems unlikely to happen, it’s still an option. If Electronic Arts reach a new agreement with the clubs participating in The Super League, it would be able to keep the licensing rights. However, this will require EA to have a little chat with FIFA as well.

Regarding the fact that the FIFA and EA contract has been signed at a time that there was no Super League, the addition of this new tournament in FIFA 22 probably won’t create any problems for Electronic Arts for a limited time. But it might be a reason for the football federation not to renew the contract again with EA.

Losing the FIFA license would bring a huge failure to EA’s one of the most profitable series of all time. So, as I said before, this one is unlikely to happen.

FIFA 22 Might Ignore The Super League and Simulate Football As It Is Right Now

If Electronic Arts ignores the European SuperLeague tournament, it could probably get the green light from FIFA for featuring The Super League clubs in the same current format.

That being said, this could end up in a disagreement between the football clubs and EA. Definitely, the club CEOs want their decision to receive respect and will pursue to have their teams simulated in the correct and realistic situation in video games.

Although this might not happen soon, such a direction from Electronic Arts could eventually lead to losing the licensing rights of the aforementioned football clubs.

Electronic Arts has not reacted to the matter yet, but the company has to choose a direction if The Super League creators don’t back off.

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