Thunder Lotus Tells How a Procedurally Generated Metriodvania Works in Sundered

on October 1, 2016 7:19 PM

Thunder Lotus made a few announcements on the indie stage at Twitchcon 2016 about their upcoming game Sundered, coming to PlayStation 4, PC-via Steam and GoG in 2017.

Aside from showing their announcement trailer that quickly displayed scenes from the hand drawn metroidvania, the developers addressed the concern gamers showed in forums saying, “procedural generation can’t be done in a metroidvania”. This is because metroidvania games usually require the player to do a lot of backtracking after abilities are acquired.

The team responded that the structure of the world doesn’t change, the only thing that does change are the sub-sections. This means that abilities will be required to access sections of the game that aren’t apart of the procedurally generated dungeons.

The team continues by saying that the monsters spawn dynamically and at times hordes of enemies will come running at the player at the sound of a gong.


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