Tiger and Bunny Season 2 Netflix Release Estimate, New Key Visual

Everything you should know about Tiger and Bunny season 2.

November 9, 2021

On November 9, over at Netflix Festival Japan, Bandai Namco Pictures (Sunrise) revealed a new release date estimate for Tiger and Bunny Season 2.

Ever since Tiger and Bunny season 2 got first announced, we didn’t know yet how it’d end up airing. Turns out it’s a Netflix series, with Studios Sunrise partnering with the VOD mastodont.

Originally aired in 2011, Tiger and Bunny is a superhero-themed anime franchise where Heroes are constantly filmed live on TV and ranked depending on their actions. It’s also a spiritual successor to Tatsunoko’s Karas OVAs series, having a lot of staff members in common. And last but not least, it’s awesome, and by far one of my favorite series of the last decade.

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Elden Ring | Pre-Order Trailer

Elden Ring | Pre-Order Trailer

New key visual, release date estimate for Tiger and Bunny season 2, number of episodes revealed

Tiger and Bunny season 2 will start airing on Netflix this April 2022. This will be a worldwide, simultaneous release. A specific day will be announced at a later date, and I have a pretty good idea when. Keep reading to learn more.

Furthermore, the Japanese official site for the Tiger and Bunny series explains “the first part of season 2, episodes 1 to 13, will be released simultaneously on April 2022. Season 2 is 25 episodes in total”.

A new key visual featuring our Heroes: Kotetsu T Kaburagi aka Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr was also shared:

Will Tiger and Bunny S2 feature real sponsors / product placement like in S1?

Interestingly, the first season of Tiger and Bunny was also confirmed to be added to Netflix. As you already know if you clicked on this article in the first place, all the Heroes in Tiger and Bunny are sponsored. It’s an inherent part of the series’ social commentary. How Heroes are considered the same as ads or products in a way.

This is a recurrent theme too with how Tiger is constantly under the threat of loosing his job for not being marketable enough. Despite actually being a good Hero with a good track record, property damage aside.

The original Japanese version of the first season used actual, real brands and logos on the Heroes’ costumes through various sponsorships collabs. Tiger most notably had a SoftBank logo on its chest, and Bunny a Bandai logo. Creating a fun dissonance where the show is denouncing the way our society works and yet promoting big corps. However, these collabs were only effective in Japan, so the localized versions of the show had them all removed, which definitely makes the series loose some of its identity.

Seeing Season 2 is airing on Netflix in the first place, it looks like S2 won’t use brands from the get-go even in Japan. Which is definitely a shame. And I’m worried this political, societal commentary part of the Tiger & Bunny DNA might get removed entirely. The Hero suits of Kotetsu and Barnaby were also revealed back in April 2021. With no brands in sight.

Sunrise also announced looking for sponsors for Tiger and Bunny S2 back in October 2020. But as far as I know we never heard anything about it again.

How to watch Tiger and Bunny

As a side note, if you plan to discover the series on Netflix, it’s important to know that season 2 actually won’t be the sequel to season 1.

Before season 2, two movies were released: Tiger and Bunny The Beginning, which is a remix of the first episodes of the series alongside new elements. And Tiger and Bunny The Rising, which was the first sequel to season 1. Season 2 will take place after The Rising movie, so you should watch it first.

You could also check out the Tiger and Bunny The Comic manga by Erika Yoshida and Hiroshi Ueda. It’s in seven volumes, and has several chapters taking place after The Rising.

Last but not least, a Tiger and Bunny event was also announced back on September 27, 2021. The event, titled Tiger and Bunny 2 Precious Eve, will take place on March 12, 2022. We’ll definitely hear about a release date then. We should get our final answer there too on whether S2 will feature real brands or not.

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