Tiger Uppercut Confirmed for Street Fighter X Tekken

on May 19, 2011 8:00 PM

Tiger Uppercut Confirmed for Street Fighter X Tekken

A new character has been confirmed for the upcoming fighting game crossover Street Fighter X Tekken. You’ll recognize Sagat as the big dark skinned Muai Thai fighter who gives most characters in the Street Fighter roster a hard time. He’s the shoto who man handles the other shotos. In the tradition of the Cammy reveal video before this one, there is absolutely no game play or action in the trailer, whatsoever.

It does just about nothing more than confirm that Sagat is in the game. Telling us in an email would have had the same effect. If they’re trying to generate pre-release hype MVC3 style, we’re going to need to be excited that the characters are in the game and nothing does that better than a long, flashy combo that nobody can pull off, using said character. Street Fighter X Tekken is expected to hit HD consoles and the PC next year. Hit the break or the source for the trailer.

[Capcom Europe]

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