Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 PS Move Impressions

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is arguably the staple of video game golf. EA Sports has maintained a high level of quality that has yet to be replicated according to most gamers out there enjoying the golf sport. However, with the launch of the PlayStation Move we do see a competitor emerging that challenges this throne. John Daly’s ProStroke Golf will be releasing soon to the PlayStation 3 with Move support at the core of its gameplay mechanics, and although it isn’t here yet, it is already being touted as something for EA Sports to keep their eye on.

While waiting for John Daly’s ProStroke Golf to hit shelves I thought I’d give a quick impression piece on my experience with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 so far. Until both games are on the market at the same time a comparison cannot be made, but this will serve as a good fundamental ground for the golf simulation genre on the PlayStation Move and possibly enlighten some folks as to whether or not they should consider going back and grabbing this title, released in June, with free Move support patched in after the fact.

First off, a small pet peeve of mine is the fact that the menus cannot be controlled using the PlayStation Move controller. Some games are like this, in that you will need to use your DualShock 3 to get somewhat towards the play before they let you use the Move. For Tiger 11 you can’t use the Move control until you are on the course. This is just a little inconvenience that doesn’t really define the experience, but it would have been nice to have Move control in the menus like other titles provide.

As far as the actual golfing experience, the title was already good and becomes way more fun with the Move. Players are able to now rip drives as far as they would be able to in real life with that realistic feel. The swing is calculated exactly to what your arms are doing in real life with the Move. No wrist flicks here, it will take a serious swing in real life to get one in the game. And what’s even cooler is that the angle you intentionally, or unintentionally, apply to the swing will be reflected. So if you exit a swing a little to the left or a little to the right that’s exactly what’s going to happen to your swing in the game.

It is a little annoying how the game is always telling you to hold the trigger and point the controller down though. You would think after one shot I would know this already and also it seems like it takes too long to recognize that I’m holding down the trigger. Again, these do little to effect the actual experience but rather are inconveniences in the user interface that I could do without.

All in all, this is one of the best games on the Move so far. My father who has been golfing over 20 years in many leagues, tournaments, famous courses including over 10 trips to Myrtle Beach, with a handicap of zero, agrees with me that the long game is dead-on. The driving and chipping are great. The only thing that he feels is not realistic is the putting. It may take some getting used to as some things on the Move do, but all-in-all the putting in this game lacks that authenticity that the driving has. The position of your hands is dead on and knocking balls down the fairway never felt better in a video game, but when you get up close things seem a little awkward and unrefined.

So there you have it folks, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 on the PlayStation Move is great, but not without its flaws. The real question now is how will the competition shape up? We will find that out soon enough, I’m sure. Stay tuned for the DualShockers full review of PlayStation Move titles hitting soon and available now and keep your eye on EA Sports to emerge with even more Move support. Until then, Tiger 11 is looking like something definitely worth the price, if you don’t have it already, for the Move support alone. If you do have it already I highly recommend the Move controller and free patch.

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