TikTok User Cosplays As Pokemon Golbat With Fishnet Tights

Golbat is ready for a night on the town.

By Jo Craig

August 17, 2021

We’ve all seen terrifying Pokemon hybrids before, presented in plenty of fan art, but cosplays of Pokemon humanoids are rarer sights to see. 

That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of human-like Pokemon in the franchise, such as Machamp, Alakazam and Hitmonlee. However, taking a bat-like Golbat, for example, and turning it into a biped with fishnet tights is a whole new level of experimentation that will divide audiences.

Pokémon GO: Hoopa summons Pokémon originally discovered in Galar!

Pokémon GO: Hoopa summons Pokémon originally discovered in Galar!

Golbat Cosplay – Stuff of Nightmares

TikTok user ‘staplesandglue’ got an idea for a new Pokemon cosplay after a friend forwarded an image of Golbat – like you’ve never seen it before. The poison/flying type ‘mon is an evolution of the common creature Zubat, sporting a blue and purple colorway with a gaping mouth and fangs. The sent image looked fairly similar to the Golbat we have become accustomed to seeing in Pokemon Go and other corners of the franchise. However, we’ve never seen it sporting a pair of human legs wearing fishnet tights and heels.

The cosplayer appeared to carry a look of disbelief at the start of the TikTok video, before jumping into a why-the-hell-not attitude. The user then documented late-night Walmart runs for paper, and then more paper, before returning to base for intricate stencil work and spray painting – accompanied by a glass of wine.

After vigorous use of the hot glue gun and obtaining the perfect Golbat color palette, staplesandglue was ready to present the final product. Strutting out in front of the camera left fans feeling half impressed, half wide-eyed in horror, as the humanoid Golbat delicately walked into view. The bat looked ready to paint Cerulean Cave red after that modest glass of wine.

Meet the Cosplayer

Cosplayer Jenn is behind the staplesandglue TikTok account, and despite the Golbat cosplay crossing over to the disturbing side, Jenn’s talent as a craftsperson was nonetheless commendable.

Jenn’s previous videos include a detailed guide on how to make big feathers for cosplay costumes, by using a comb to imprint lines onto foam. The cosplayer has also made an entire dress for a Renaissance fair out of old curtains, as well as a terrifying face mask of Dobby from the Harry Potter series.


I made this whole dress from some old curtains and then ren faire got cancelled #fyp #costume #designer #artistsoftiktok #diy #dress #renfaire

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