Braid Takes the PS3 Leap

on November 12, 2009 3:26 PM

Finally, the big black monolith of a machine gets one of the hottest games of the generation. Not only that – but by one of the industry’s most respected developers!

Yep, today’s the day Hothead Games announced that Jonathan Blow’s Braid is available for purchase on the PS3 Network for $14.99! Not too bad i’d imagine for anyone in love with the more mainstream heavy metal Brutal Legend.

Braid is a game touted for it’s exploration of the human condition, using that funky time manipulation device to explore it’s beautiful painterly world. It appears a puzzle-platform that takes you on a journey through a series of worlds to rescue a princes… sound like something else we’ve had thrown at us before? … Mario? Jonathan even states: There is no filler in this game; every puzzle shows you something new and interesting about the game world.

It’s key features:

  • Untraditional platforming. You can never die and never lose, but challenge is always present and focused on solving puzzles, rather than forcing you to play and replay tricky jumps.
  • Puzzle-rich environment. Travel through a series of worlds, searching for puzzle pieces and solving puzzles by manipulating time: rewinding, creating parallel universes and setting up pockets of dilated time. The game play is always fresh and new and the puzzles inspire new ways of thinking.
  • Aesthetic design. A painterly art style and lush, organic soundtrack complement the unique game play.
  • Nonlinear story. A nonlinear fiction links the various worlds and provides real-world metaphors for your time manipulations; act out these themes at your own pace, exploring playful “what if” universes.
  • Forgiving game play. The game doesn’t force you to solve puzzles in order to proceed. If you can’t figure something out, just play onward and return to that puzzle later.
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