Time Crisis: Razing Storm (PS Move) Hands-On Impressions

Namco Bandai’s Time Crisis: Razing Storm arrived in Demo form on the PlayStation Move Demo Disc today (included in the Sports Champions bundle) and the verdict is in, classic arcade shooting has been resurrected. If you’ve ever played with an on-rail shooter back in the day in the arcade, especially a Time Crisis shooter, then you know about the fast-paced killing that can ensue. I’ve had a chance to personally run through this new demo and I must say that even in the short demo presented I can tell this experience has been re-imagined for the home in a great way that will provide hours of enjoyment for one or two players in Arcade Mode, 1-4 players in Sentry mode, and surprisingly up to 8 players in Online Battles.Contrary to popular belief, the PlayStation Move can often be played from a calm relaxed slouched position. I began playing Time Crisis: Razing Storm standing up and fervently holding my arm while blasting enemies, but soon realized I could just lay back on my couch and rest my arm on my leg for the same effect. Other Move games will often require too much movement for this, but the calculated aim of this shooter was able to be accomplished with a chill pose.

I blasted through enemies with a full automatic while holding the T button (trigger) and the shield down button (any face button, including the new Move button). When I wanted to block I simply let go of the face buttons and my shield would pop back up automatically. At some points grenades were thrown at me which were obvious and easy to see thanks to a great HUD system that highlighted them in yellow. With innocents running by randomly highlighted in yellow, I began to have some challenge to the gameplay. After all, this is just a demo so surely they didn’t want it to be too hard, but some challenge was there to not get murdered and not kill the wrong people.

After the first couple of stages I got my hands on a “Cluster Shot” which is essentially a grenade launcher and at this point heavily armored mechs with rocket launchers began to attack me. The rockets came in fast, required split-second aim to shoot them before they were too close and did damage, or worse, blew me apart. I was able to rock these mechs but began to see that the full title will not be as much of a breeze as the demo, which I am happy about since I enjoy a challenge. Weak points on the enemy are also highlighted at choice moments when you will want to light them up most.

Overall the features packed into this title are a great value for the MSRP of $49.99. You’ll be getting a game you can play on the DualShock 3, the PlayStation Move, or the GunCon 3. In addition you also get Time Crisis 4 (Arcade Version) and Deadstorm Pirates on the same disc, making this essentially 3 games in one! The Move is able to keep up with the fast and accurate aim of the most keen eagle eye shooter, and that is very encouraging. The fully destructible environments are a plus and help with immersion. Graphics leave a little something to be desired, but I always value gameplay above shiny “pretties”. In conclusion I’d say the demo is definitely worth checking out although it seems to be a bit on the easy side for a veteran shooter fan, hopefully the full title will bring more difficulty and round this title out for a solid kill-fest. Don’t forget to check out our Namco Bandai interview with Brand Manager Dennis Lee who breaks down some more details about the title releasing this October.

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