Time to go Geocaching, Tomb Raider Style

Time to go Geocaching, Tomb Raider Style

If you’ve ever been geocaching, you know it’s the modern equivalent of treasure hunting. You log on to the site, download the GPS coordinates for a cache and hunt it down. Sometimes the caches contain trinkets for you to claim as prizes with the understanding that you’ll leave something for the next explorer. So why not put a Tomb Raider spin on it?

Seattle-based company Groundspeak will work closely with Crystal Dynamics to flesh out a geocaching adventure in anticipation of the series reboot.

“Tomb Raider is all about exploration and discovery,” Groundspeak CEO Jeremy Irish said. “It inspires the adventurer in all of us, much like geocaching does, and we are excited about the opportunities that this project presents for both geocachers and Tomb Raider fans worldwide.”

The reboot, currently known simply as Tomb Raider, is expected to release sometime next year, though details are scant. There are currently about 1.5 million geocaches in the United States and 5 million active cachers. I can tell you that if you vacation at any outdoor resort in the Pacific Northwest, chances are there’s a geocache directory or guide you can check out from the facilities. It’s kind of a big deal with those outdoorsy types.

Don’t expect the experience to be completely authentic, though. I don’t think Groundspeak and Crystal Dynamics will have you plunder through old temples teeming with traps, tigers and all sorts of other dangers. At least I hope not, for their legal teams’ sakes.