Time Travel RPG Destiny Connect by Nippon Ichi Gets its First Trailer; Screenshots

Nippon Ichi Software released the first trailer and new screenshots for Destiny Connect, a new turn-based RPG coming for PS4 and Switch.

Nippon Ichi Software published the first trailer for Destiny Connect, the brand new RPG announced in last week’s Famitsu.

As a reminder, Destiny Connect is a time-travel and machines themed RPG. The story starts in 1999. Main character Sherry lives in the town of gears, Clockney, and goes to the new year festival, the “Soulman Festival” with her mother. However, as they enter 2000, time suddenly stops. Sherry and her friend Begleo decide to time-travel in order to prevent time from stopping on the first day of 2000. They can time-travel thanks to a big yellow robot called Isaac who’s accompanying them. Sherry found him inside her father’s study. One of the themes of Destiny Connect will be how bonds between people can even cross time.

Sherry will be able to explore the town of Clockney in full 3D in different eras, both before and after 2000. The battles are turn-based, with characters and enemies’ acting order based on their speed stat. Enemies are represented by symbols when exploring the town and touching them initiate the battles. One of the new info revealed now is how some skills you use in battle can be strengthened by using items.

All of the game’s characters, the story, the town of Clockney and more were detailed with the game’s announcement. Game Director Yoshihiko Toda also shared how he’d like to make Destiny Connect into a game that will satisfy people around his age who enjoyed Snes RPGs in their childhood.

Screenshots, most of which were shown in Famitsu, were also published. You can find them below along with the trailer.

Destiny Connect will release for PS4 and Switch in Japan on February 28, 2019. The game was not announced in the west yet.

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