TimeSplitters is Returning! Here are Five Characters That Need to Come Back With it


By Sam Woods

May 20, 2021

TimeSplitters fans rejoice – today it has been confirmed that the hit 2000s shooter is returning.

Not only is the game making a comeback, but it’s in development with many of the series’ original creators.

This is great news for fans of the franchise, like myself, as the TimeSplitters games offered something different. Yes, they were great shooters, however, where they really shined was the range of different modes, challenges and wacky characters.

So, with that in mind, here are five of the more bizarre characters that need to return in the new TimeSplitters game.

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Mass Effect’s Choice System is Painfully Outdated
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5. Shoal

For no particular reason, the Shoal was one of my go to characters back in the day.

The Shoal is a bunch of fish that circle a whale that’s wearing a top hat and smoking a pipe. Nothing more needs to be said.

Source: TimeSplitters Fandom Wiki

4. Handyman

Handyman was one of the more tricky characters to unlock, but he was worth it.

They’re the henchmen of Hatchet Sal and are created with the hands of his victims. They’re effectively an arm with matchsticks for their own arms and legs.

3. Robert One-Oh-Seven

If it’s not been clear yet, TimeSplitters isn’t afraid to have fun with its characters and Robert One-Oh-Seven is the epitome of that.

He’s a man who thinks he’s a robot and he runs around not dressed as a human, but instead in a (poorly) handmade robot costume.

Source: TimeSplitters Fandom Wiki

2. Gingerbread Man

There are many recognisable characters in the world of Timesplitters and the Gingerbread man is definitely one of them.

As you can imagine, the Gingerbread Man is exactly that – a Gingerbread Man with weird, flexible limbs.

Source: TimeSplitters Fandom Wiki

1. Monkey

Monkey is one of the most iconic characters in the TimeSplitters series.

It arrived in TimeSplitters 2 and is quite simply, just a monkey. However, it played a pivotal role in the games and was one of the first characters made available.

One of the most prominant memories I have of the whole TimeSplitters franchise is the Monkey Immolation League Challenge, in which hordes of flaming Monkeys would do their best to cause carnage.

There we have it, five characters we’d like to see come back with the returning TimeSplitters.

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