TimeSplitters Rewind Team Shares Update on Gameplay, Progress, and More

TimeSplitters Rewind Team Shares Update on Gameplay, Progress, and More

TimeSplitters Rewind is a long-in-development fan project. You might've been worried that it died, but the latest update confirms it's very much alive.

TimeSplitters Rewind is a fan project that’s been in the works since 2012. The project has the blessing of Crytek UK, but cannot use any of the original TimeSplitters assets. That’s led to the extended development time. Which, in turn, has left some fans wondering if the project would ever be completed at all. Well, while there is still a ton of work to be done, the team at Cinder did provide fans with a new update that includes some gameplay footage. Check it out below.

This being the first update for TimeSplitters Rewind in quite a while, it’s just refreshing to see that it’s still alive. This is a tough project for a small team and it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if they had decided to give it up. That said, the progress they have made is encouraging. So far, they have fully blocked out half of the maps. Of course, the maps are still lacking any art or polish, but it seems like a good foundation. They have also gotten the TimeSplitters 1 story mode working already. Cinder might be working slowly, but the finish line at least appears to be visible.

In that vein, the update spoke a bit about how they plan to release the game. It sounds a lot like an Early Access release, but the video stresses that they want to at least get something playable to fans, even if the project does die at some point. Basically, when they feel like they have enough good content, they will release it to players. This won’t be the full game, but a slice of the full content. As development continues, more content will be released.

As mentioned many times, this is an incredibly big project for a group of fans with little funding. The team at Cinder will continue working hard, but they are actively looking for talented people to flesh out their roster. Hit them up on Discord if you have the chops.