TimTheTatman Refuses to Play Apex Legends Anymore

Do you still play?

By Dom Bancey

September 15, 2021

After switching from Warzone to Apex, TimTheTatman has recently expressed on stream that he wishes not to play anymore. He is among the group of famous Warzone streamers who switched over to Apex after the upsurge of hackers.

About a month ago, we witnessed multiple Warzone streamers switch over to Apex Legends as Season 10 Emergence released. Many of these streamers included TimTheTatman, Nickmercs, Cloakzy, and CouRage. Although this shed more light on Apex, they received a lot of criticism when they switched over.

Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event

Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event

Why the Criticism?

Despite the streamers’ switch to Apex Legends allowing the numbers of the game to rise, many frequent players were quick to criticize them.

Most, if not all, of these streamers, jumped straight into ranked while playing on their streams. Of course, there’s no way to actually know if they played around in the firing range, but by the things they would say or do, this was hardly unlikely.

This is where the issue with the Apex community began. They all pretty much copied each other’s or known predator’s settings then used those. Quickly after, many of them began to complain about the (lack of) difficulty involved in the game. This is what led to Tim stating that he refuses to play anymore.

Why Won’t Tim Play Alex Anymore?

Tim spoke about the current state of the game and why he refuses to play while live streaming. However, this was quickly clipped and shared around on Twitter which led to even more controversy. Many even made the point to say that Tim didn’t know how to shield swap or what some legends were able to do until further into the ranks. Two of which are important to be aware of during a game of Apex, especially a ranked match.

Some of the reasons stated by Tim was that he doesn’t wish to go into a game, get a kill or two, scan a survey beacon to know where the ring is, go there then sit until the final teams start fighting to third party the fight. However, as an Apex player, one would know that this isn’t how ranked fights tend to go at all.

Described by Tim would more fit the criteria of competition Apex which makes sense as these players are fighting for money or charity and higher placement in a game would reap a higher reward. However, in regular ranked, especially at the higher-ranking levels, placement points mean little to nothing.



In conclusion, though the impression given by Tim may turn new players off, those who have been playing Apex since before Season 10 are more than familiar with the mechanics of the game.

Therefore, Ranked Leagues is still an enjoyable mode of the game that is to be given a chance, just ensure that you play around with settings and completely learn the game’s mechanics before playing ranked.

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