Tingle Gets a New Pre-Alpha Trailer Featuring a Ton of Actors and Personalities

Tingle a Dating Simulator from the Creator of Depression Quest Gets a New Pre-Alpha Trailer.

on September 3, 2017 4:36 PM

Tingle is a dating simulator by Zoe Quinn, creator of Depression Quest, Framed, and a few other titles. It’s based off the satirical ebooks by Chuck Tingle on Amazon.

Quinn released a new trailer today, showing pre-alpha footage of the game in action. Some notable actors and personalities are seen throughout the trailer including, Jim Sterling, Dante Basco, Sarah Elmaleh, Anthony Carboni, Mara Wilson, and more.

Unlike most other games, Quinn is using full motion video and actors as the assets within the project. It started out on Kickstarter and passed its hysterical goal of $69,420, making $85,448. While the initial goal may seem like a joke, Quinn has said that she estimated around $70,000 would be needed to fund the whole project.

If you’re not familiar with Tingle’s work, his books have sort of become famous for being homosexual erotic satire. Quinn is collaborating with Tingle on an original story.

The dating simulator looks incredibly strange. The trailer features a moving butt plaque, horse masks, terribly drawn male genitalia, puzzles, mini-games, and lots more. You can check it out down below. While the game could definitely be considered not safe for work, Quinn is including options that’ll make Tingle less raunchy.

Tingle will be available on Mac and PC.

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